Aircraft handling


Ramp service is the most dynamic part of ground handling and requires exceptional professionalism from personnel involved. Our company gives special attention for staff preparation and trainings. Most of our employees participated at international  trainings and seminars held by biggest airlines in the world and has the internationally recognized certificates; Ground handling consist of many individual services, from which we do offer:


We offer
  • Aircraft marshaling
  • Aircraft push-back
  • Transportation of passengers and crews
  • Cargo and baggage transportation
  • Aircraft loading
  • Baggage reconciliation
  • Toilet and water services
  • Auxiliary electric supply
  • Air start services
  • Supervision of fuelling procedures
  • Aircraft heating
  • De-anti Icing
  • Weight and balance services
  • Liaison with third parties
Station Vilnius - Operations department
  Tel. Faks. SITA E-mail
Dispatch      +370 5 210 6355 +370 5 210 6356 VNODCLH

Station Kaunas - Operations department
  Tel. Faks. SITA E-mail
Operations +370 37 399075 +370 37 399075 KUNSOLH


Our company’s radio frequencies are 131.75 MHz (Vilnius), 131.85 MHz (Kaunas).


We do provide our services for regular, charter and general aviation flights;