Aircraft internal and external cleaning



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Cabin cleaning
Innovative commercial cleaning services to a variety of requirements now means we are able to offer a whole range of interior aircraft cleaning standards - from cabin tidy, through to nightstop cleans, including 'pitstop' cleans and full turnaround requirements.
Following on from nightstop cleans are intermediate and deep cleans as well as carpet and galley floor shampoos - in fact whatever needs cleaning we have a solution - whatever the situation.
A spotless cabin interior is vital to an Airline’s image. When requesting our staff to do the task, you can rest assured that your aircraft interiors will appear as bright and clean as you and your passengers expect it to be. Cleaning the cabin of an aircraft efficiently is essential to ensuring the on-time departure of the next flight. Our cabin-cleaning crews are trained to enter promptly after passengers deplane and to clean the cabin as quickly and thoroughly as possible.
We have designed a strategic approach to cabin cleaning. A team member is assigned to each section, or zone, of the plane. Each team member is given a specific duty, such as vacuuming, exchanging pillows, removing trash, cleaning lavatories or restocking the galley. A team leader directs all cleaning assignments, tracks team arrival and departure times and performs a thorough job inspection before turning over the cabin to the airline gate agent.
The secret lies not in new techniques, but in a highly motivated work force.

Exterior cleaning
A sparkling exterior is essential to complement an immaculate interior, thus our trained teams are ready and able to perform full exterior washes - in fact our systems can be adapted to suit a customer's specific requirements.
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Our company’s radio frequencies are 131.75 MHz (Vilnius), 131.85 MHz (Kaunas).


We do provide our services for regular, charter and general aviation flights;