Aircraft servicing


Precision, accuracy, safety and responsiveness form the backbone of our services as we ensure the on-time departure of your flights, rain or shine. Your aircraft is attended to immediately upon arrival, as our Ramp Services crew and equipment are already standing by at the apron holding area prior to the arrival of your aircraft.

To ensure that there is no delay in the execution of our services, our team of highly qualified technicians maintaining our ground services equipment to be in tip-top condition at all times. Our quest for safety and our on-time performance ensure the timely dispatch of your aircraft.

Our company has made a significant investment in order to provide our valued customers with service equipment, suitable for various aircrafts.


Equipment available
  • Passenger stairs: low height manual up to A321; higher manual up to B747; mobile up to B747
  • Toilet service
  • Water service
  • Mobile Ground Power unit supplying 28 V, 115 V 400 Hz
  • Fixed Ground Power units supplying 28 V, 115 V 400 Hz
  • Conveyer baggage belt loader;
  • Busses of capacity for 75 passengers;
  • De/anti-icing trucks (on Iveco basis);
  • Forklift
  • Air starter
  • Heaters
  • Baggage trolleys;
  • Crew bus of capacity for 9 and 15 persons
  • Technical steps
Station Vilnius - Operations department
  Tel. Faks. SITA E-mail
Dispatch      +370 5 210 6355 +370 5 210 6356 VNODCLH

Station Kaunas - Operations department
  Tel. Faks. SITA E-mail
Operations +370 37 399075 +370 37 399075 KUNSOLH


Our company’s radio frequencies are 131.75 MHz (Vilnius), 131.85 MHz (Kaunas).


We do provide our services for regular, charter and general aviation flights;