In the Baltic States region cold winter conditions create a major safety problem for the airline industry. De-icing has for more than ten years been a vital part of our business. While safety obviously is the No 1 as well as 2 and 3 priority in a de-icing operation, flexibility is also of vital importance in order to keep delays to a minimum. Today we have highly skilled de-icing teams in operation at Vilnius Int. and Kaunas Int. airports.

At this moment there are two de/anti-icing trucks available type "eisbar" on Iveco base.

Be sure about the correctness of the procedure performed - our staff is trained and has an update - refresh training before each de-icing season starts.

Be sure - trucks are maintained periodically as per AEA requirements so they are in perfect condition all the season period.

Be sure we use only tested and certified de-icing fluid Type I and anti-icing Type II as also regular fluid quality tests are performed as per AEA regulation in certified laboratory.


Station Vilnius - Operations department
  Tel. Faks. SITA E-mail
Dispatch      +370 5 210 6355 +370 5 210 6356 VNODCLH

Station Kaunas - Operations department
  Tel. Faks. SITA E-mail
Operations +370 37 399075 +370 37 399075 KUNSOLH


Our company’s radio frequencies are 131.75 MHz (Vilnius), 131.85 MHz (Kaunas).


We do provide our services for regular, charter and general aviation flights;