EU Sponsorship

LITCARGUS Ltd. is implementing the project Increasing Employee Competence and Acquiring New Skills at Litcargus Ltd. No. 09.4.3-ESFA-K-805-01-0031 according to the tool „Human Resources Invest LT+“.

Project Start Date: 2016-05-09

Project Finish Date: 2019-05-08

It is planned to train 200 company‘s staff members during the project 

Project Budget: 168 241,00 Eur

The Essence and the Objective of the Project: Project General Manager Inga Luščikauskaitė

The Essence and Purpose of the Project:

One of the goals of our company is a strong, constantly evolving and growing team, therefore, in order to ensure comprehensive and safe service of customers, cargo and aircrafts, we constantly invest in employee qualification development and deepening of professional knowledge.

After implementing the project, the company will have more opportunities to reduce staff turnover and shortage of skilled employees, service costs, increase labor productivity and offer new services to clients. This will make the company even more competitive.

Investing in employee training, raising the qualifications of company employees and managers, increasing knowledge and developing skills will enable not only the company but also the employees themselves to adapt to market needs and challenges. By employing new employees and creating high-quality jobs, the company also contributes to the promotion of employment and the economic activity of the population.

Project Activities:


Customer service training, financial training for employees, training for improving company's process efficiency. Trainings of the technical staff will also be organized: DGR (Dangerous Goods Course), service of individuals with limited mobility training for instructors, Specialized Aircraft Landing Trainings, LH RH Training (Aircraft Maintenance Agent), etc.