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We always plan all aircraft ground handling operations meticulously, so that when the time comes to act we work with surgical precision. We constantly invest in high-quality equipment suitable for aircraft of various types in order to ensure effectiveness of the services. We can confidently guarantee smooth process on arrival and departure regardless of complicated weather conditions or other unforeseen circumstances.


De-icing trucks

Air starter

Mobile ground power units supplying 28V, 115 V at 400 Hz

Passenger buses

VIP service microbuses for staff (9 and 15 seats)

Belt, mobile luggage loaders


Passenger stairs for servicing aircrafts of various types

Air heaters

Water supply equipment

Sanitation equipment

Trolleys for transporting luggage

Maintenance stairs

Stationary ground power units supplying 28V, 115 V at 400 Hz

We select the optimum route of the cargo
We prepare the documents
We pack and mark cargoes
We take care of the insurance of the cargo
We provide information regarding movement of the cargo
We provide the cargo storage service
We can pick up and deliver the cargo at a desired address
We provide the customs brokerage service
  • Our office

Services and rates of the cargo terminal

Handling request

The following service rates are applicable to servicing cargoes in the Litcargus cargo terminal:

Weight of cargo
Export fee
Import/Transit fee
Minimum to 5,0 kg
5,1 - 45,0 kg
45,1 - 100,0 kg
100,1 - 200,0 kg
200,1 - 300,0 kg
300,1 - 550,0 kg
550,1 - 1000,0 kg
1000.1 kg and more




  • The rates are calculated based on the taxable weight of cargo specified by AWB.
  • When servicing special cargoes, the total service price consists of the rate specified in clause 1 plus the price of additional services in line with the rates specified in clauses 2 and 3 which is added depending on the type of the special cargo.

A cargo service fee is charged for the following services in the Litcargus cargo terminal:

  • loading and unloading of the cargo from the customer’s vehicle in the import and export terminals;
  • presenting the cargo to customs officers in the course of authorized customs actions;
  • informing the customers about the movement of the cargo;
  • aviation safety inspection works;
  • civil liability insurance of cargoes for the period of storage in the terminal.

The following rates are applicable to storage of cargoes and servicing of special cargoes in the Litcargus cargo terminal:

General cargoes

12 Eur + 0.06 Eur/kg per day (storage up to 20 days)
 +0.12 Eur/kg per day (storage from 21st day)

Perishable cargoes (PER)

30 Eur + 0.11 Eur/kg per day (storage up to 20 days)
 +0.22 Eur/kg per day (storage from 21st day)

Animals (AVI)

30 Eur + 0.11 Eur/kg per day (storage up to 20 days)
 +0.22 Eur/kg per day (storage from 21st day)

Valuable, dangerous cargoes, weapons and ammunition (VAL, VUN, DGR)

30 Eur + 0.11 Eur/kg per day (storage up to 20 days)
 +0.22 Eur/kg per day (storage from 21st day)



  • If general cargoes are not claimed within three business days, storage is calculated from arrival counting the day of arrival and pick up as a full day. If any holidays are included in these three days, no storage fee is calculated. A storage fee is applicable for all the following days including weekends in line with the price list presented above.
  • The rates (including storage) for perishable, dangerous, valuable cargoes, weapons and ammunition as well as animals and other special cargoes are applicable from the moment they are delivered to the terminal. Storage is calculated from arrival counting the day of arrival and pick up as a full day.
  • The rates are applicable both to exported and imported cargoes.
  • Terminal fees are not applicable to transit cargoes carried by the same AWB air transport.
  • Human remains (HUMA and HUMC) delivered via the cargo terminal are serviced free of charge if they are claimed by anyone other than companies providing ritual services.
  • Storage charges for partshipments applies from the first part arrival moment.

Rates for additional services:

Aviation security fee
7 Eur per unit for cargoes imported and exported by MAWB
Packing the cargo, replacement of packaging
17 Eur per unit
Issuing / acceptance of the cargo to / from the customer outside the business hours of the Litcargus cargo terminal
50 Eur
Inspection of exported / outgoing special cargoes, drawing up accompanying documents, copying, assembling the complete set, completing acceptance check sheets

Animals (AVI)  – 40 Eur /AWB
Dangerous cargoes (excluding RRW/RRY) – 40 Eur /AWB and 7 Eur /pcs (calculated from 3 pieces and more)
Radioactive cargoes (RRW/RRY) – 70 Eur /AWB and 12 Eur /pcs (calculated from 3 pieces and more)
Dry ice and other dangerous cargoes (ICE, RDS, RRE, REQ, MAG, ELI, ELM) – 10 Eur

Temperature sensitive cargoes (as per IATA TCR) – 10 Eur
Repeated inspection of special cargoes: 50 percent of the initial rate

Submission of the documents and cargo for the inspection by the officers of the border veterinary station of Vilnius Airport
  20 Eur
Completion, correction and transfer of an electronic airway bill (FWB/FHL) to the airlines
  20 Eur
Scanning and transfer of the documents of the cargo upon the customer’s request
  10 Eur
Delivery of cargo is carried out by separate agreement of the parties.

In case of delay in Vilnius
An extra charge of 17 Eur/h applies from the second hour (e.g. in case of a queue at the customs or waiting at the client’s premises when the client does not unload the cargo)
If the cargo is delivered to a destination outside of Vilnius
30 min time span of waiting at the delivery address is included in the price. After that the charge of 17 Eur/h applies
LCC loader’s services during delivery to the customer are performed by individual agreement of the parties at the agreed rates
For carrying cargo up / down

40 Eur/h
Preparation of the cargoes which arrived with status “C” for handing over to courier services upon the customer’s request
20 Eur
Entry summary declaration (ICS ENS)
10 Eur/AWB
Copying documents
1 Eur/page



  • Returning the cargo to the sender or destruction of the cargo is performed only on receipt of a written application from the recipient and the rates which are agreed upon individually in writing are applicable.
  • The rates of the services do not include VAT.

Customs brokerage

The Litcargus customs broker representatives will free you from all procedural customs-related worries

Services and rates
Service Import/Transit fee
General administrative document
Additional items in the general administrative document (per item)
Value declaration
Value declaration (additional pages)
Additional services
18 – 30€
Representing the customer at customs
Additional hourly rate of the customs broker representative
Electronic temporary storage declaration (TSD)
20€ (+1€ over 10 HS codes)
Veterinary certificate (CVED;VID) preparation
EORI code
CMR preparation
TIR-Carnet preparation
NCTS (TIR-Carnet) preparation
E-Manifest preparation

Rates of the letters of guarantee:

Import for internal consumption

In accordance with the price list of the insurance company

Community / general transit procedure

Up to 10 000 Eur included in the price

The rates do not include VAT.

Flight tickets

Sale of flight tickets
Travel insurance (in Vilnius only)
Fast track security
Additional services (accompanying children, special luggage, carriage of animals, animal cages, etc.) (in Vilnius only)

Departing Passengers Service Department


Servicing passengers from special categories such as unaccompanied children or disabled passengers (contact the airlines if you wish to order this service)

Check-in of departing passengers and luggage; boarding

Servicing luggage from special categories such as sports equipment, musical instruments or large-dimensioned luggage

Servicing VIP passengers and passengers of charter flights

Certified disinfection

After the service is performed, a disinfection certificate is issued. If necessary, we will attach certificates of used chemistry to the act.


- office spaces
- learning and educational institutions
- conference centers
- hotels
- warehouses
- industrial premises
- living spaces, etc.


- production facilities
- light and heavy transport, etc.

Passenger aircraft

- passenger compartment

- disinfection of aircraft baggage

- cockpit, etc.

Cargo aircraft

- cargo area

- cockpit, etc.

Field objects