Litcargus values

Our values

First of all, Litcargus is people. The people who take care of the quality of your flights every day, who are constantly learning and improving their skills, who work effectively in a team while taking fully individual responsibility. It may seem natural but it is achieved through time and effort. It is thanks to them that we are so strong and assured. That’s why we value them above all.

From porcelain to dolphins

We service regular flights and top-level presidential visits; we are ready to carry cargoes of various complexity: from porcelain to dolphins.

„One stop shop“ approach

The highest qualification and consistent growth have enabled us to create an efficient one stop shop approach in the field of aircraft service.

Continuous learning

For us, continuous learning means constant curiosity and willingness to improve our skills, so that we find new ways for better performance.

Knowledge sharing

Every successful project depends on effective collaboration, and every effective collaboration starts with sharing know-how and expertise.


We believe that feedback is very important, as it enables progress. When you are willing to receive honest feedback, you know where to start improving.

Our team grows every day and we grow with it

We are perfectionists. Aviation is our daily bread and passion. If you believe that you should become a member of our team, we are ready to share the knowledge and improve our skills together.

Career at Litcargus

Forget the corporate ladder: Litcargus provides a corporate elevator. We value enthusiasm and believe in potential; therefore, we always offer opportunities to young specialists. We are constantly growing not only in professionalism but also in numbers, so come and talk to us if you want to grow together

Rolling work schedule

Our employees work in rolling shifts, so you will be able to coordinate your work with your studies.

Company events

Never miss a chance to get to know the darker side of your colleagues during official and semi-official company events.

Team not only at work

Drive and ambitions are important values of Litcargus character. We strive to cherish them not only at work, but also at leisure time. Our people are actively involved in running marathons, girls demonstrate great skills at women's rally, we have a very good basketball team.


We eagerly support continuous learning. Our employees attend seminars and workshops provided by local and international trainers.

International certificates

Working with us, you will become an internationally certified professional with broad career opportunities.

Young and energetic team

Smile, and the world will smile back! This is the credo of our young and friendly team. Positivity is everything!

Career at Litcargus